Teacher Professional Development

The ever-changing school landscape requires continual professional development and the VCEVM is no different.


eduClick is the only RTO in Australia which focuses 100% on the VCEVM and provides everything a school needs to run a successful program including teacher professional development.


Our PD’s are designed to help schools navigate through the new curriculum and how both an academic and applied program can be brought together.


We specialise in assisting all schools develop a fantastic VCEVM program and this is through the use of structures resources, online courses, face to face courses and more.


All of educlicks PD’s are 100% FREE for teacherĀ and are both online and in the cloud.


A list of 2023 term 3 and 4 PD’s are below as well as booking links.
For questions please do not hesitate to contact zane@educlick.com.au

"Providing information to new staff about the VCEVM was challenging and now I send all new staff to eduClick's professional development sessions. They are easy to understand and straight to the point and even better still, all of eduClicks staff are ex teachers so they understand what is happening in the classroom."